Josephine Claire Messore (UK)

Length of stay: 7 months, 2019


I have greatly enjoyed my time training with Shifu over these last few months. I came out to gain a better understanding of kung fu, recover from my injuries and get fitter, and I feel I have achieved all my aims. The level and variety of kung fu has been really enjoyable. I really appreciate how Shifu has catered the Shaolin forms to my level and injuries, so I’ve always been able to train hard. I’ve also enjoyed being able to try some others things such as some wing chun and jumps and rolls. Even when I haven’t been able to do everything, it’s been very exciting to watch.

One of the highlights of the trip has been the location, I’ve really enjoyed being able to live and train in a Buddhist temple. It’s been very interesting to be able to take park in some Buddhist ceremonies and learn a bit more about the culture, as well it being a good atmosphere for training. The Abbot of the temple has also been very kind and welcoming which has made me feel very welcome and comfortable in the temple.

I feel over this trip, my physical abilities have improved greatly, both in terms of my kung fu level and my general fitness. I have really appreciated having the time to train and improve and Shifu has been excellent at providing hard training but not pushing me beyond my limits. The environment is also very beneficial as it allows you time to think and reflect, both on kung fu and yourself, which I feel allows for a better mental approach to training.

The food is also excellent and Shifu is an amazing instructor. Cindy is also wonderfully helpful with whatever help we need. I have really enjoyed my time here and hope to come back soon when I can.