Completion Certificate, Master Certificate and Ranking Certificate are available according to the length of your training and your kung fu level.


Our academy accepts students whose age ranges from 10 to 65 years old. Students younger than 16 years old are accepted if they are accompanied with their parents or older relatives.

We teach not only traditional forms but also practical combat(fighting) techniques that originated and delivered from Chinese history. Please don't worry about your pervious kungfu experience because many students are total beginners before they arrive. Our training is individually customized, our masters make training plan according to student's own kungfu experience, physical conditions and his/her own training goals. What most needed are your dedication and positive attitude.

We are constantly engaged in providing unique opportunities in motivating character development during training. In order to ensure the teaching quality, every master is supposed to teach five to ten students in his group. We are devoted to satisfy every student's needs towards kungfu training.


Training equipments and methods

1.    Training equipments are provided to all the students:

Wooden dummy, stretching lanes, carpet, mats, Sanda pads, gloves and guards, weapons, dumbbells, stone dumbbells, sand bags.


2.    Training methods

The most original Shaolin Temple training methods are telling ancient Shaolin culture, letting every student feel the atmosphere of real traditional Shaolin kungfu.

Some of our training methods are as follows:

w   Dao Gua Jin Gou-a training method with feet up on horizontal bars to train strength of abdomen and legs muscles.

w   Single movetraining, group moves training, and a complete set of training.

w   Training with demonstration, interchange of ideas.

w   Psychological training, sense of distance training, antagonistic training.

w   Training of coordination, swiftness, strength, physical endurance, balance, speed, and jumping.

Above are just parts of training methods at our academy, all of which follow scientific and effective principles.


We teach not only traditional forms but also practical combat(fighting) techniques that was originated and delivered through Chinese history. Training lessons include Shaolin basics, Shaolin forms and applications, sparring forms, acrobatics jumps and rolls, Wing Chun, Qin Na, Tai Chi, Baji Quan, conditioning, etc. There are also Qigong and meditation training as optional courses in the early morning, and group training at different training stages. Training plan is customized to your own training goals and style focus.

Below is an outline of the main daily training under master's instructions. Class times change slightly with the seasons. We put the standard and quality of training in the first place.













8:30 – 10:00




































Training Plans

Training plans are based on principles of kungfu practice levels in accordance with traditional training, in which training of the heart is the highest level that guides all. Training plans can be personally adjusted for individuals according to their training process and aims. We offer training courses from one day to years.

1 week - 2 months

This is a period to get ageneral idea of Shaolin Kungfu, and to feel about methods of kungfu practice.


        Stretching                                   Qigong                                   Form                            Qin Na                                    Wing Chun                    

üTo improve flexibility, speed, strength, agility, coordination, and physical endurance, proper running, stretching of important body parts, kicks, punches, and stability training including horse stance, bowstance, crouching stance, one-leg standing, are the foundation of more advanced forms and techniques.

üShaolin forms and applications: five-step fist, primary Shaolin fist, Xiaohong fist, Shaolin single broadsword, Shaolin Yinshou staff

üWing Chun: primary form Xiao Nian Tou, primary wooden dummy moves, steps, punches, easy attack techniques

üSanda (Chinese kick-boxing): basic exercise, throwing and wrestling moves

üQin Na: catch and hold moves

üShaolin health care Qigong: Ba Duan Jin

üTai Chi: 24 Yang style Taichi fist

üBasic theory of Shaolin kungfu


                                                 Single Broadsword                                       Chen Style Tai Chi Fist                                                           Fire Staff

3-6 months

After primary level of training, the difficulty and intensity of training will increase. In this period, you must continue training basics, and improve physical constitution.

üShaolin forms: 5-8 Shaolin forms and applications, like Dahong fist, Tongbi fist, five-style fist, Pao fist, Damo straight sword, continuous straight sword, Taizu broadsword, palm-blossom broadsword, Shaolin straight sword, Yinyang staff, Fenghuo staff, Zhenshan staff, 12 routine Tantui(leg kicking)

üWing Chun: intermediate form Xun Qiao, 36 SanShi, combination of hands and legs techniques of wooden dummy moves

üShaolin health care Qigong: Yi Jin Jing

üSanda: pair sparring, attack and defend techniques

üTai Chi: 32 Yang style Taichi fist, 24 Chen style Taichi broadsword

üTheory of Shaolin kungfu: better understanding of kungfu


                           Guan Dao                                             Power Training                                           Kungfu Fan

7-11 months

This level of training is based on the solid foundation of basics, which emphasizes more on the accuracy of every move, coordination of eyes, hands, body, and steps of the external,and spirit, energy, qi, and force of the internal.

üShaolin forms: eagle fist, mantis fist, pair sparring fist, Jingang fist, nunchucks, three-section staff, Liuhe broadsword, Chunqiu big broadsword, long-hilt broadsword, nine-ring broadsword, Shaolin Qiankun straight sword, Pishan staff, Shaolin staff, Shaolin thirteen spear, Taizu long fist (Taizu Chang Quan), palm-blossom cane

üWing Chun: advanced form Biao Zhi, Wing Chun pair sparring

üSanda: pair sparring, combo of Sanda attack and defend moves and techniques

üTai Chi: 42 Yang style Taichi fist, 24 Chen styleTaichi staff

ü   Qigong: static Qigong, meditation (using the mind to control breathing,   making them a whole)

üTheory of Shaolin kungfu: more complete understanding of kungfu


Conditioning                           Forms and Applications                            Qin Na

1 year

In this level, you will find out methods of kungfu practice that suits your advantages, with which, you can understand the essence and connotation of kungfu cultivation better.

ü  Shaolin forms: 20-30 forms and applications, like Shaolin Luohan fist, palm-blossom fist, seven star fist, Damo fist, three people sparring, double broadsword against spear, tiger fist, drunken fist, crane fist, drunken staff, monkey staff, Shaolin Luohan 18 hands, Longxing straight sword, chain whip, double hook, 48 Ming spear, Shaolin flying daggers, crescent shovel, Guangong big broadsword (guan dao), Pu dao

üWing Chun: advanced wooden dummy techniques called Chan Zhuang, achieving an integration of the wooden dummy and the person. More attention to speed practice-finish a 116 style wooden dummy form within 40 seconds, three moves per second. It's also an internal cultivation.

üSanda: pair sparring, obtaining the instinctive reaction of the body to attack

üQigong: advanced health care Qigong Wu Qin Xi, hard Qigong “iron head",“iron hands",“silver throat", and Er Zhi Chan, which are of 72 Shaolin secret skills

üTai Chi: 24Yang style Taichi straight sword, 73 Yangstyle Taichi fan, 32 Yang style Taichi staff

üExperience culture of Shaolin kungfu and customs


              Acrobactics Jump                                                           Meditation                                               Head Standing

As the quintessence of Chinese culture, learning of Shaolin kungfu is endless. It deserves devotion of one's lifetime. Only through hard work, can every student achieve his or her goals.

Our academy has a kungfu grading at the end of each month, so that we can check if every master completes task of teaching well, at the same time, we can get to know the improvement of every student. If you pass the grading, you will get a formal certificate offered by our academy when you finish the training here.

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