Hard Chi Kung (Hard Qigong) 气功

Mainly there are two styles of Shaolin Qigong, Neigong(Soft Qigong), and Waigong(Hard Qigong).


w   Waigong refers inparticular to Hard Chi Kung, which is actually a combination of Neigong and Waigong. By conditioning of some body parts (head, hands, arms, and legs), the suffertibility of the body will be improved, which is the Waigong part. In addition to the Chi working of Neigong, this can protect internal organs from being hurt.

w When practicing hard Chi Kung, control qi that has been accumulated, drive it to part of your body and make your body as tough as iron. Breaking bricks, staffs, steel bars, big marble boards, spear piercing against the throat are all in this category.

Here we train Iron Hand, Iron Head, Iron Body, and Silver Throat. If you would like to master the advanced secret techniques, Master Shi Xinglin will offer you guidance so that you can choose the styles suit you the best.


Iron Head   

Qigong Benifits

Helps the vital systems to cope with the impact of stressful, polluted and daily environment. If your internal organs function properly, your health will benefit tremendously. You can become more productive when relaxed under pressure. Chinese Traditional Medicine approach is to pay the doctor to keep you healthy and cease the payments if you become ill until healthy again. In Chinese medical tradition, illness is connected to the patterns of energy flow. Pain is a signal of blockage or stagnation in the energy flow. Qigong exercises are designed to enhance the flow of Chi and regulate the internal balance.


         Hard Qigong Conditioning