Enriching Life at Our Academy

Buddhist Ceremonies

Located at Buddhist Temple, students are able to take part in various Buddhist ceremonies, which are precious opportunities to experience Buddhist and Chinese culture.


Meditation in Sacred Meditation Hall

There is a grand Meditation Hall in our temple where you are able to do meditation and cultivate yourself. The Meditation Hall is the most sacred place in a Buddhist Temple. Full of the special atmosphere, you will have an amazing experience doing meditation here.


Culture Courses (optional courses)

We offer optional courses such as Chinese Medical Acupuncture and Massage, Chinese Tea Ceremony, Chinese Mandarin class, and Buddhism Theory. They are for students to understand Chinese culture, and also enrich their life at the academy.


Chinese Calligraphy classes are offered at our academy. In this class, you will find the beauty of artistic Chinese language. It is also a way of self-cultivation, to achieve inner peace and tranquility.


Discipleship (Baishi)

At our academy, outstanding students have opportunities to become disciple of Master Shi Xinglin, who is 32nd Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk therefore the student will become 33rd Generation, and will receive an official warrior monk certification from Shaolin Temple and a Buddhist name. Students who become disciple of Master Shi Xinglin, will have lifetime support. We will have a ceremony for it, which is called Baishi in Chinese. From the ceremony, students will experience the real Shaolin Kungfu tradition.


Weekends and Free Time

Weekends are free time for students to rest and relax. There is Dianqian town with shops and restaurants nearby. Students can also go to the city to have a visit. Some students may choose to visit the places nearby or have a short trip to some places of interest, such as Sikong Mountain, Tianxia Valley, and Natural Hot Spring.