Preparations for Kung Fu Training at our Academy


If you are planning to come to our academy, please apply at your nearest embassy for type F or X2 visa. We will send you an invitation to help with the visa application after you have booked our training. If you would like to stay longer while you are in China, we can help you to extend your visa.

Please contact the academy if you would like more information. Please send emails to

Getting to the academy

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. The nearest airport to the academy is Hefei International Airport, which is situated around 250 kilometers from the academy and has domestic flights from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Arrival by train

If flying to Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, you could also take the train to Anqing. Please send your arrival details to us, we will send a car to pick you up on your arrival. It is also possible to be picked up from Anqing train station.

For more information about how to get to our academy, please contact with us.


It is recommended for students to do some preparations before coming as training is intensive. Stamina exercise for example, running, swimming, cycling, or other forms of exercise are good ways as physical preparations. Exercises to improve flexibility and strength are helpful such as stretching and gymnasium exercises will be effective. If before you arrive you have not done any physical activity, you should expect to have some muscle pain. This is normal for the first week of training and will pass very soon.

Health & Vaccination and Insurance

It is not required from our school to hand in your health condition. Before arrival is indicated that you have a medical examination, and if you have any special cases, please Do note it in your application form.

Regarding Vaccinations, here is the one suggested by the National HealthMinistry for students before you start boarding school:

BCG vaccine, polio vaccine, DPT triple vaccine, measles vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine

It is recommended that all students purchase an insurance policy. This is important as it covers all the expenses incurred in case you are sick or involved in any injury. Ensure that you check all the details and get the insurance in your country.

What to bring

If you pay for a one year stay in one time, we will provide you a suit of training uniform of our academy.

It is suggested to bring sport clothes, loose trousers, running shoes, a power adapter (if you bring electrical equipment from your home country) and anything you use for your daily routine at home.

For regular training, students usually wear a type of trainers that can be bought here, as well as training uniforms, weapons, and purified bottled water.

It is suggested to bring some medicine, like anti diarrhea, buprofen or pain relievers for headache, toothache, muscular, menstrual cramps and fever, and Electrolytes for hydration.

If you need help to buy SIM card, withdraw money, or go to see a doctor, translators will be able to help.

Internet, and Mail

The academy has Internet free to use that students can use to check their emails, and contact with family and friends. From the post office in the local city, parcels can be received or sent abroad, but may take some time.

Money and banking

ATM at the Bank of China can be used to withdraw money by using a card. It is very important that you inform your bank of your travel and the length of stay. Some cards will not work at ATM Bank of China. Cash can also be sent from a foreign country through Western Union. Traveler's cheques can be cashed at a bank such as the Bank of China but may take a little while to process.

Food and accommodation are included in costs for the academy so it is not necessary to spend much extra money whilst training other than for snacks, travelling and shopping. Students are likely to find that stuffs are much cheaper in China than in their homecountry. If you bring cash with you, make sure the notes are in good conditions because they may not exchange them for you.